How To Drink Mezcal With Worm

How To Drink Mezcal With Worm

How To Drink Mezcal With Worm. Worms in mezcal add flavor to the drink. There are many traditions regarding the worm, including the worm releasing specific flavors to the mezcal.

How To Drink Mezcal With WormHow To Drink Mezcal With Worm
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It is best drunk in a glass with a wide mouth to reduce alcohol vapors and allow you to draw out the flavors. It's purported that a man named jacobo lozano páez, who worked at a bottling plant, was first to come up with the idea. Mezcals with the worm have a greater amount of unsaturated compounds and unsaturated.


But Lately, More And More Specialty Stores.

Worm salt is a mix of sea salt, ground agave larvae, and chile spices. They may be white (meocuilines) or red (chinicuilies), and both are an ancient food and taste good. Worms in mezcal add flavor to the drink.

To Begin With, The Mezcal Worms Are Caterpillars And They Are A Plague Of The Agave.

You spend 20 minutes poring over the spirit list at a divey mexican restaurant while your friends mindlessly plow. But since mezcal worms have only appeared in commercially sold bottles since the 1940s and 50s, as mentioned earlier, the second argument isn’t entirely convincing. Reasons behind adding worms in mezcal.

Those Curious Enough To Try A Mezcal Can Buy Their Own Bottles From Wine.

Usually, meocuilines are cooked in exotic dishes and chinicuiles are added to mezcal or mixed with salt (called sal de gusano). Sal de gusano or worm salt, is an accompaniment used as a way to spice up vegetables and fruits while you drink mezcal. It’s not a common today, but there's a fascinating history behind mexico's mezcal con gusano — or mezcal with a worm.

Agave Can Yield Both Distilled And Fermented Drinks.

Origin of mezcal with worm. It gives the power to the drinker. The salty, earthy taste of the worms pairs perfectly with mezcal and enhances the flavor of the smoky agave spirit.

Tequila And Mezcal Are Difficult To Tell Apart Unless You Sample It, So It Made Sense To Stick A Dead Worm From The Agave Plant In The Mezcal Bottle.

This larvae was first added to a bottle of mezcal in the 1940s or 50's, and its origin is up for debate. They understood its nutritional benefits and in addition, it is believed that the larvae was not spared. It actually changes the drink's chemistry, de león said.

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