What participants say about our programs

Alexandra Simone Shaw


"The way of teaching and thus learning during the Athena Program is totally different from what I am and was used to. Learning through experience seems to be a very powerful, long-lasting and inspiring method." 

Stéphanie Nyffenegger


"Bulgan's wisdom and support of the group gives me everything what I need to work on my personal development. With every module I gain more insights into my personality which is good!"

Stéphanie Nyffenegger


"I really liked the workshop. Bulgan captured me with her knowledge and made it clear to me that we have unlimited possibilities when we develop a positive attitude."

Gertrud Muralt 


"I am very pleased to realize that I was able to gain more clarity during these two last days. Clarity on my own journey and I look very much forward in seeing its progress." 

Mara Lauper

Marketing Managerin & Management Support daura


"The workshop was very interesting. I absolutely recommend the offering from Athena Wisdom Institute AG."



"Intense, strong, unique, amazing, strong emotions, which are repeated with great pleasure." 



"It is an experience rich in emotions and sharing. A bubble in time, an extraordinary day!"

Vladimira Scheidegger



"The exercise with cosmic and earth energy fascinated me. Simone managed to let the two energies flow through our bodies in a very short time."

Renate Raffl


"Empower your inner hidden power - a powerful and wonderful work that every woman should do."




"My takeaway from this second module is that we are each so much more than we can imagine. Unfortunately, negative patterns and unnecessary thoughts do interfere with our best-laid plans and goals. In other words we are standing in our way. The good news is that we have it in our own hands to transform negative habits and thoughts into positive ones. What an amazing feeling!" 


OWL Leadership Program participant, 12.01.2020



"Thank you for the second module. Especially the second day was very intensive for me. It was great to do the exercises together. To go on a journey, that was what I particularly enjoyed. I am definitely looking forward to the next module and I am curious where else it will take me."


OWL Leadership Program participant, 12.01.2020



"This workshop raises awareness to the infinite possibilities available to us human beings and gives us the tools to push back the barriers set in our mind by our education."


OWL Leadership Program participant, 01.12.2019



"Bulgan took us on a journey to meet ourselves in spirit. She showed us, what’s possible for a human being when we develop not only the human but also the being side."


OWL Leadership Program participant, 01.12.2019