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The Athena Wisdom Institute offers an integrated approach to holistic well-being through mindfulness in all walks of life - Mindful Living - Mindful Working: Work Life Balance.

Reorganize your brain and rise to your full potential

Go through a learning journey whereby ancient Ethiopian tradition is combined with the latest research in Epigenetics and Neuroscience


Personality Development
27.12.2019 - 01.01.2020
6 days
09:30 o'clock
Seminar Hotel Leuenberg
Dr. Mitslal Kifleyesus-Matschie
CHF 1500.00 (incl. VAT)


Before the end of the year Retreat offers the chance to disconnect, reflect, and plan by using the brain to reorganise the four dimension of our life. These retreats provide methodologies to investigate and conscience reflection on the past year goal challenges of implementation and reorganise the brain for the coming year goal setting. This will be done by

  • Learn to Investigating deepest desire:
  • Reorganising the four dimension of life to live those desires: the brain, emotion, body and life energy;
  • How to reorganise your life to live consciously rather than out of compulsion;
  • Immersive experiences the technics of empowerment;
  • Experience how to hold the motion/vibration of empowered energy to sustain the transformation;
  • Management of life transformation: commitment and consciences linkage to collective brain and energy;
  • Assessment and evaluation of the empowerment and transformation.


Target audience

Those who aims to have personal transformation.

“Personal transformation is a dynamic, uniquely individualized process of expanding consciousness whereby individuals become critically aware of old and new self-views and choose to integrate these views into a new self-definition”.


One of the biggest reasons people fail to keep their New Year's resolutions is because the brain and the body is not organised to achieve their aims or resolutions.


Therefore, this retreat is for those who want to learn to reorganise their brain and the body in order to achieve their new year goals.

  • This retreat is for those who would like to develop the capacity of harnessing their body and brain towards their goal.
  • Those who want to learn how their body and brain function not only to the best of ist ability, but the way they want them to.
  • Those who would like to empower themselves by integrating the results of today multidisciplinary studies of neurosciences and epigenetic for improving the quality of their life.
  • Those who would like to experiences collective consciences and brain to keep in motions their transformation.


Course schedule

Day 1 09.00-18.00
Day 2 09.00-18.00
Day 3 09.00-18.00
Day 4 09.00-18.00
Day 5 09.00-18.00
Day 6 09.00-18.00

Course methodology


The methodology used for this retreat will be based on the use of the brain to reorganise the other aspects of life for empowerment and transformation. That implies we will be applying the recent results of multidisciplinary sciences on neurosciences, epigenetics, consciousness and human phycology. The participant with the support of the lectures, workshops and exercises they will be given the chance to experiencing the motion of their own energy.

The course will be divided in three different implementing guidelines within the seven days:


  1. Lectures and interviews will be dealing with terminologies, identification of desires and manifestation
  2. Immersive workshops will deal with emotionalise desires and experiencing the powers within;
  3. Interactive exercises will be dealing with technics of been creator that is how to reorganise, focus, stabilise and reverberate our thoughts and desires within and with others through workshops and exercise.


Course gain

  • Reflect on the year 2019 through the perspective of empowerment and …
  • Understanding the function of brain and its power to organise desires;
  • Empower the brain to focus to the desires while releasing old emotions stored in the body
  • Understanding all the dimensions of life and experiencing the flow linked to desires;
  • Reorganising brain in services of new desires;
  • Understanding the challenges epigenetic or active memories and the opportunities for Neuroplasticity;
  • How to overcome and deal with overwhelming emotions, negative thoughts and depression
  • Foundation of understanding health and nutrition
  • Increase brain mindfulness and awareness in life

Reorganize your brain and rise to your full potential