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The Athena Wisdom Institute offers an integrated approach to holistic well-being through mindfulness in all walks of life - Mindful Living - Mindful Working: Work Life Balance.

Transform your brain and empower your life

Go through a learning journey whereby ancient Ethiopian tradition is combined with the latest research in Epigenetics and Neuroscience


Personality Development
15.11.2019 - 17.11.2019
2 1/3 days
17:00 o'clock
Zürich city
Dr. Mitslal Kifleyesus-Matschie
CHF 450.00 (incl. VAT)
  • Understand how to use the brain for transformation
  • To explore and experiences the four dimension of life: brain, body, emotions and energy
  • Experiences brain based consciences transformation
  • To use the new results of Epigenetics, Neuroscience of Mind and Neuroplasticity in Meditation and creativity like are and music for Empowerment for transformation;
  • Epigenetic remodelling through life style
  • Finding a balance between Creativity and Vulnerable, We will be using Prof. Dr. Brené Brown research results on her book “The Power of Vulnerability“. “You can’t get to courage without walking through vulnerability’. Management of vulnerability is a technique and emotional experience that will be covered in this part of the course.
  • How to staying focused on one direction to manage our brain.

Target audience

Those who aims to have personal transformation. 

“Personal transformation is a dynamic, uniquely individualized process of expanding consciousness whereby individuals become critically aware of old and new self-views and choose to integrate these views into a new self-definition” 


The target group are those who would like to reorganise their brain (from accusing and limitation) in order to empower themselves. Those women who are business or intellectual personalities who are aware of their abilities but have difficulties to connect their brainemotion, body and energyScientific and business women who would like to integrate their knowledge and the result of today scientific Nero sciences, epigenetics and quantum physics for empowerment and transformation. Interested in allowing transformations as lifestyle for themselves and their communities.  

Course schedule

Day 1 17.00-19-30
Day 2 09.00-18.00
Day 3 09.00-18.00

Course methodology

The methodology used for the workshop is using the mind to reorganise the other aspects of life for empowerment and transformation. That implies we will be applying the recent results of multidisciplinary sciences on neurosciences, epigenetics, consciousness and human phycology. The participant with the support of the lectures, workshops and exercises they will be given the chance to experiencing the motion of their own energy.  

Course gain

Organising the mind for empowerment and transformation;

  • Understanding of the creative power within yourself and others
  • Introducing and experiencing the terminologies of empowerment, transformation, self-development, collective mind, epigenetics, nero-mirroring and quantum physics
  • Learning about brain-based epigenetic transformation within your personal and collective conscious experiences of life
  • Experiencing the motion of life energy

Private discussion only for those who need urgent support for person challenges related to trauma and blockages.

Transform your brain and empower your life