Wisdom Seminar Details

Athena Wisdom Institute AG provides science-based and holistic personal development and skill-building education for the 21st century.

Fearless, Free, Feminine. Finding and living your Truth as a Woman in Business.

Full Immersion Retreats. A 5-month Wisdom Embodiment Immersion for women seeking deeper meaning in their lives and in their work. For women who are ready to go on a quest to discover their life’s purpose and uncover a guiding vision for leading a fulfilled life and a life of service and who want to embody their highest potential and are willing to cultivate the courage, strength, and inner wisdom to say, “I want, I can, I go.”


20.09.2021 - 09.02.2022
5 Modules
10:00 o'clock
Seminar Hotel Leuenberg
Alexandra Choutko
CHF 5010.00 (incl. VAT)

Book and experience the first module and decide within 10 days after the first module to register for the full program.

Early Bird: 650.00 / first module, a total of 5'010.00 for the full program - early bird till three weeks before course beginning

Standard: 930.00 / first module, a total of 7'170.00 for the full program

Group ticket (3+) 590.00 / first module, a total of 4'550.00 for the full program

Overnight stay in a beautiful green place and breakfast, lunch dinner, and coffee included.

How it Works

Once your physical, emotional and intellectual states are fully aligned with your body energy you attract what you consciously decide to materialize. To achieve this alignment and to empower you to become the leader of your life, we take you on a deeply transformative Wisdom Embodiment Immersion.

Over a period of five months you will go on a discovery journey about yourself, your roots, your challenges, your uncovered potentials and your life purpose. With a well-balanced blend of body movements, breathing techniques, rituals, guided meditations, storytelling and reflection processes, you will learn to experience through your body, understand with your mind and reignite your inborn inner wisdom.

The program is based on three pillars including science, business frameworks and ancient wisdom from different traditions. We work with business frameworks like Theory U (MIT), Design Thinking, Dragon Dreaming, and discuss scientific results on the topics of breath, meditation, neuroplasticity, placebo, epigenetics and others. Ancient wisdom is an inherent part of your heritage as a human being. Reconnecting with ancient wisdom provides self-confidence, trust and resilience. It transforms you into a Fearless and Free woman, living her Feminine qualities and power with courage and pride.


Course days

5 (five) 3-day in-person modules: 

Module 1: 20.09.2021-22.09.2021

Module 2: 8.11.2021 10.11.2021

Module 3: 6.12.2021-8.12.2021

Module 4: 10.01.2022-12.01.2022

Module 5: 07.02.2022-09.02.2022

Target audience

You want to lead a meaningful and purpose-driven life that aligns with your values, yet these desires are barely met. You want to have an impact, yet so far you are being led instead of leading. You want to contribute to a shift towards doing business for good, yet do not know how to start. You want to be part of a community of like-minded people, yet so far you have not attracted them.

Do you resonate with the following sentences?
  • I want to be an agent of change

  • I am looking for meaning, purpose, inspiration, to be part of something bigger than myself

  • I am searching, seeking, and can't seem to find

  • I am  willing to go on a spiritual quest to cultivate the inner resources I need in order to become a force of good in the world

  • I value diversity, equality, sustainability, inclusion

I want to become....

  • The woman I was born to be, an embodiment of my highest expression

  • A woman who knows her purpose, what I stand for, and how I serve

  •  A woman who is creating good in the world and having a positive impact with each step

  • A woman creating well-being that goes beyond the moment ripples out and empowers life

  • A woman who is peaceful, knowing I am doing my part, doing what I came here to do

  • A woman who has energy, self-reliance, inner-guidance

  • A woman who knows I can achieve anything 

Course schedule

Module 1: Exploring Your True Identity

You will explore your true identity by learning about what is the source of our origin, what and who you are as a human being. You will learn about your non-physical senses and begin working with them. You will bring your personal colors of power to light, reconnect with your spiritual ancestors and grasp the impact of your first name on your life.

You will gain first knowledge on the scientific background of the program: on the science of breath and self-awareness, on quantum physics and the limits of science.

Project work: you will define the topic of your project work, which you will share with the group.

Module 2: Awakening Clarity

You will explore the relationship between your emotions and actions and learn methods to transform inhibiting patterns into constructive and creative energy. You will experience intensive breathing techniques to dissolve the blocked energy of your body. Using specific rituals you will awaken clarity on your current life and define the areas where you want to make progress.

You will learn about neuroscience, the placebo effect and the power of conscious thoughts.

Project work: you will go on a vision search, define the project scope and goals and issue a SWOT analysis (S: Strengths, W: weaknesses, O: opportunities, T: Trends) which you will present to and refine with the group.

Module 3: Transcending the Past

You will learn about your fears, betrayals and their consequences on your life. You will be given techniques to transform them into self-confidence and trust so that you can embody new emotional states. You will uncover your true place in life, where you belong in your family, your family tree and transcend interfering patterns you’ve inherited from your ancestors.

In the science part you will obtain insights about epigenetics and the influence of past generations and their lives on yours and next generations. You will understand how they have direct impact on your life.

Project work: you will crystallize your vision, start working on your implementation strategy and issue an action plan.

Module 4: Dreaming the New You

You will learn how you can dream your New You by using your non-physical senses and working with the non-material realities. You will understand the relationship between dreaming, manifesting and materializing your dream or life vision. You will experience how you can become the dream keeper of your dream and embody trust.

You will grasp the relationship between high energy frequencies in your body and your emotional states. 

Project work: you will present your implementation strategy and action plan to the group, obtain their recommendations and feedbacks.

Module 5: Bringing Your Vision to Life

This last module is about consolidating and reflecting on what you have experienced and learned so far. You will sharpen your ability to trust your inner wisdom. You will experience different techniques and rituals to manifest your Vision and bring it to Life. You will define the next steps and decide on actions to remain the dream keeper of your dream. And you will come to understand that your possibilities are infinite.

Project work: you will present your project, your final action plan and next steps. We will close with remittance of a Certificate of Completion and ceremony.

Course gain

What Past Participants are Saying

“When you discover who you truly are and what you truly want and how you can achieve it – it is like nothing changes and everything at the same time. So difficult to describe and to grasp, so simple to experience. It is the same me I have always been, it is just that that same person I have always been and has felt so limited to me, has suddenly become limitless, unbreakable, fearless. It is like I have always been that person, but never noticed, never knew, never was taught how to find myself within myself such that everything becomes clear, everything becomes simple, and purpose is just waiting around the corner because I am purpose. I have always been that purpose, it is just that I did not dare to live that purpose, because I put limits on myself, on what I can do, on what I can say, on what I can think. I don’t do that anymore. I truly became limitless. And the world has become again a magical place to live in, just as it was when I was a child. I am happy I am here. I am happy I can experience whatever comes my way. I am happy I can make a difference.”

“Found peace with myself, found love with me I don’t remember I ever had. A sense of worth, self-love for myself like a mother to a child.”

"The way of teaching and thus learning during the OWL Program is totally different from what I am and was used to. Learning through experience seems to be a very powerful, long-lasting and inspiring method." 

“The Athena leadership program provided me with tools and methods to overcome my old fears, my old hurts, my old habits and to define at the core of myself who I want to become. It helps me every day to become the person I always wanted to be.”

“Thanks to the program I got in touch with deeply rooted patterns of my behavior, especially avoidance patterns. It is amazing that through the teachings we experienced, I found the key to the room where all those patterns are hiding and at the same time access to the toolbox to get rid of all these patterns. It felt like an intense spring cleaning.”