OWL Leadership Program

OWL Leadership Programs

At Athena Wisdom Institute AG, OWL stands for: Oneness, Wisdom and Leadership. Our programs are aiming at restoring our innate and quiet state of being, a state in which we remember and train
- how to listen truly to everyone we meet, even our own selves
- how to find and speak the truth we carry within ourselves
- how to dare to raise our voices to bring on this truth to create the world we all long so dearly to create
- how we can make the difference we wish to make t
- how to step by step become the leader we always wanted to be, to create the company in which we always wanted to work
We believe the way to true mastery is trough living the experience and not trough learning many new theories - our programs are therefore very intuitive and based on traditional indigenous wisdom, scientific results, and innovative frameworks like Theory U from the MIT University.