What can we learn from Ancient Wisdom for Business and Leadership?

During the Live summit held on the 17th September 2020, Mitslal Kifleyesus-Matschie and Moetu Taiha Ransfield expressed their views for business leaders to draw inspiration and ideas from the ancient wisdom in conducting their businesses to achieve an inclusive and conscious economy.

Since both the speakers are practitioners of their acquired skills, they had lots of practical tips for the business leaders to follow.

On the concerning aspect of lack in effort to develop a completely new product or service, Moetu suggested that the entrepreneurs need to reconnect with their people and tradition and also follow their intuition to develop products. One has to be in close harmony with nature. And once you sync with the surrounding, your inner self would know the direction to take.

Dr. Mitslal insisted that product innovation can happen only if we understand the needs and ways of people. An intricate connect with people and nature will bring in sustainable products and services. That is the only way to unleash the potential of creativity.

The first name that we have holds a lot of significance in our life. It moulds our character and empowers us to follow our innate intuition. Both the speakers acknowledged this fact and pointed to the importance that the naming ceremony has throughout the world. The wise men and the priests named a child, taking into consideration its nature and inclination. It is common in certain cultures, for people to change the name of their child as they grow up when they find a conflict between the name of the child and the child’s behaviour. If the name is in sync with the nature of the child, it energises the child and brings out the best of the qualities in it.

The lecture concluded with Dr. Mitslal and Moetu sharing a lot of personal and professional experience to reiterate the importance of alignment with nature and ancient wisdom. Digressing from the ancient wisdom was akin to losing your roots and wanting to blossom.

The attendees were much inspired to investigate their traditions and culture again and find ways to move ahead successfully in life and business.