What can Ancient Wisdom teach us for the Future?

One of the eminent speakers at the Live Summit conducted on the 17th September 2020 by Athena Wisdom Institute AG was the High Buddhist Master, Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, who opened the treasures of ancient wisdom to the contemporary Business leaders.

The attendees were enchanted by the mesmerising lecture of the Buddhist master. The 21st century has glorified knowledge to such an extent that it has become dangerous. Knowledge is essential for survival and growth, but without wisdom, it tends to lose its purpose. Master Tulku made it very clear that wisdom is beyond knowledge and is not dependent on it. On the contrary, wisdom lays a firm foundation for knowledge to grow and flourish.

There is an immediate need in the present times to go beyond knowledge and enter the realm of awareness and peace. The inherent calm and awareness unfold in the relaxed state of mind. You can discover your inner space only in a relaxed state of mind, and this inner space introduces you to wisdom.

The High Buddhist master advised the business leader to learn relaxing to tap the wisdom, experience healing of soul and renewed inner energy.

For a successful life and flourishing business, it is essential to practice the philosophy of ‘give and take’. When you receive something, it is equally important to give out something valuable. Everywhere in nature, this balance is evident and results in harmony and synchronised existence.

Communication is also about listening and not just talking. Similarly, Love and space must co-exist. To develop an inclusive and conscious economy, a business leader should have:

  1. Wisdom - which will come by changing yourself
  2. Method: to help others

Leaders of all kinds resist changing themselves. They feel they are right in their approach and do not need any type of change. But that is not true. Wisdom is in changing yourselves. Like knowledge, truth is also over-glorified. More important than the truth is Love. It is beyond all cultures, science and philosophy. It is the intrinsic quality that humans are born with. Rediscover your true self, says the High Buddhist master.

The three most important things to live a fulfilling life are;

1. Never stop learning. Be inquisitive to explore the world.
2. Be ready to change yourself whenever needed.
3. Believe in a beautiful future and do not fear it.

Master Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, encouraged the leaders to practice the following six rules, to be loved and respected by all:

1. Be always ready to help others.
2. Never say or do anything to harm others.
3. Never think of taking revenge for anything.
4. Lead a very disciplined life.
5. Practice relaxation and learn to calm down your mind.
6. Be open-minded to accept new ideas and direction.

He wound up his session with a piece of final advice for all ‘do not learn from your past. change yourself to live in the present.’