The Well-being Retreat with the right difference

The unrelenting pressure and stress of the modern professional life disrupt the delicate balance between the body, mind and soul. And the most common manifestation of such strain are bodily discomforts, tiredness, pain, irritation, loss of interest, dimmed focus and low motivation.

Rather than addressing the issues symptomatically, a holistic rejuvenation can boost your physical, mental and psychological potential and performance to its original state. And quite often or even better than you ever had it.
Eastern + Western Well-Being Retreat is designed to leave you feeling physically energised and psychologically balanced with greater enthusiasm and an appetite for challenges. Life will become light and fun, as it should be.

The lamentable disconnect of humans from nature and ancient wisdom has impeded the natural well-being process as we have broken off from the very roots that supported and nourished us for aeons. And the only sustainable and effective way of experiencing true well-being is to tap into the restorative power of nature and natural wisdom accumulated over the generations. True well-being is the balanced awareness and health of body, mind, and spirit.

The ancient civilisations of the East and the West could evolve and sustain progressively based on the ancient traditional wisdom and well-being practices. Incidentally, stress and anxiety were as alien to them as peace and harmony are to the modern man. Fortunately for us, the good things in nature have always survived the evolutionary pressure, and so has the natural rejuvenation therapies and techniques.

Athena Growth & Resilience Institute, with its pioneering efforts in reviving and integrating the ancient wisdom of the East and West, offers an immersive and experiential weekend retreat at the beautifully landscaped Leuenberg Hotel, nestled peacefully in the Swiss countryside. Well-being techniques of Ayurveda (massages, Yoga and more) along with teachings from Ancient wisdom and elements from MIT’s Business Framework Theory U are the highlights of the well-being weekend. Athena leadership dived deep into ancient wisdom, modern science, and contemporary business to craft a compelling and focused well-being programme blended with the best of these domains.

Ayurveda from India is an ancient healing practice and is considered to be the mother of all healing arts. At the same time, Yoga is the science of self-realisation. Ayurveda works on the body, and Yoga takes care of spiritual needs. The curative ayurvedic massages heal the body and mind of blockages enabling the free flow of ‘prana’ throughout the body.

The ancient wisdom session helps us connect with the source of our existence and improves intuition. During these sessions, the sense of awareness, perception, and mindfulness sharpens, allowing us to experience the immeasurable universal reservoir of peace and knowledge. It helps build self-confidence, trust and resilience. Strong scientific evidence endorses the positive effect of mindfulness on the brain and body. The power of thought or “placebo” affects biological processes and, along with the power of a positive environment, results in the transcription of genes and brain neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the dynamic ability of the human nervous system to modify its activity in response to internal or external stimuli by reorganising its structure, functions, or connections. Consequently, the obnoxious negative pattern of the mind and the fear and inhibitions are destroyed, giving way to a positive, healthy, and happier inner self.

You will experience the transcendental Shamanic Drum rituals of Mongolia in the well-being retreat. The rhythmic sonic energy of the drum alters the brain rhythms to synchronise the left and right parts of the brain. On the physical level, it controls depression, addiction, anxiety and stress.

Get a practical hands-on experience of the leadership and change management framework developed at MIT-Theory U. Carry with you for your life theory of listening, the technique of journaling, and the ability to act from your most profound source, resulting in meaningful and purposeful work in future.

The programme comes with a highly specialised ayurvedic catering to complement the agenda of the retreat.
Despite being a well-structured weekend course, it offers some flexibility in choosing the modules based on individual interest and choice. Athena Growth & Resilience Institute welcomes all kinds of participants, but the course has been devised specially for business executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Ms Simone Junod and Mr Ali Zulfikar Shaikh are the lead facilitators of the course. Simone, the Founder and CEO of Athena Growth & Resilience Institute, is a certified Business consultant and a practising and respected Shaman. With 22 years of corporate experience, Ali is an Ayurveda expert, practising and preaching holistic well-being for the last eight years.
The weekend retreat empowers you with skills and techniques of well-being to practice throughout your life. One weekend can redirect your life from being tired, listless and tense to energetic, enthusiastic and blissful.