The Power of Gratitude – How Gratefulness Changes Companies. Sarina Gisa

The Power of Gratitude – How Gratefulness Changes Companies: A lecture by Ms Sarina Gisa

Ms Sarina Gisa, was one of the eminent speakers at the online summit conducted by Athena Wisdom Institute AG – “HOW TO BRING MORE CONSCIOUSNESS TO THE ECONOMY?” on 17th September 2020.

She is a trained Psycholinguist (MA) and potential development coach, who through her organisation ( helps organisations manage the ‘change’ process.

During her lecture at the online summit, she very eloquently explained the connection between the inner ‘being’ and the ‘doing’ (external actions and efforts to achieve a goal).

A strong, stable, well cultured and developed inner being is primal for efficient performance in any sphere. But this is often neglected. In a rush to prove one’s worth or under the stress of timelines, the whole focus is on the execution. An empty barrel never shoots any bullet. If the being has not been nurtured and has not blossomed holistically, no amount of sweat can achieve anything, says Sarina.

On the contrary, a healthy and robust inner being can help the individual deliver the expectations with greater efficiency and par excellence.

On suggesting ways to develop a healthy and efficient inner being, Sarina unravelled the anatomy of the brain to the participants. She emphasized, that it is not an absolutely view, but a helpful perspective to get into a deeper understanding of the behaviour of human beings. It comprises the two hemispheres, the left one as analytical, rational, structural, factual, simple, linear and male, and is generally associated with the ‘doing’. However, the right hemisphere as emotional, intuitive, melodic, complex, social, female and denotes the ‘we’ and is associated with the ‘being’.

“Gratitude” is a very powerful instrument to train and apply the right hemisphere potential. Being grateful for all the things that have mattered in one’s life, whether big or small, helps not only the right hemisphere to grow to its fullest power but above all the human being him- or herself. The synchronised action of the two hemispheres of the brain with each other is very fulfilling for every human, especially in a business context. First of all it helps to experience a holistic well being inside yourself as well as in agreement with the “outer” world, which can mean e.g. the achievements and accomplishment of goals.

The explanation from Sarina of how the continous use of the limbic system of the brain, e.g. by gratitude, helps the basic reptilian brain or brain stem in modulating its response for more peaceful and fluent performance was compelling and novel for most of the participants. Realizing that the feeling of gratitude is one of the magical tools that the limbic system offers us was also very impressive. This led to a deeper understanding of human behaviour and at the end to a deeper understanding of oneself.

The all-pervasive neocortex, further under the influence of the limbic system, especially with gratitude, can translate the potential of the brain towards higher and nobler achievements.

On the benefits of gratitude, Sarina enumerated several like:

- A higher level of satisfaction
- Better health
- A better handling and reflection of conflicts
- Fewer conflicts
- More creativity
- Higher levels of innovation
- Much better co-operation and co-creation

As the session neared conclusion, it was very evident that gratitude can immensely help modern economy participants e.g. CEOs, managers, excecutives and also employees to deliver better values and boost the economy in a humanic way. Not only with facts and figures, also with social impact that at the end nourishs all involved parties.