Persons of great achievement – how do they make it?

People with outstanding achievements are not anatomically or physiologically different from other persons. But they indeed think and act differently from most of us, which should explain their achievements. How they harness the potential of mind and heart to achieve their objectives justifies some analysis and explanation.

Any appreciable achievement begins with an idea- a clear vision about what is to be achieved. Mother Teresa had a clear vision of Love and kindness for the world. Apartheid free South Africa was Nelson Mandela’s vision, while Mahatma Gandhi’s vision was freedom without violence for India. The success of ‘Apple’ lies in the clear vision of Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk is rocking the boat with a series of impossible achievements. Clarity of the idea and not complexity determines how far it can go against all odds.

Unshakeable trust in the idea and self-belief propel that clear vision to unimaginable heights. Intuition is the way, universe communicates with us. If we can understand it and accept it as universal principle, nature unfolds its mystery of success. An idea inspired by intuition and nurtured by the trust has the blessings of the universe. We all are a part of this boundless universal continuum, a fact known for thousands of years by the indigenous tribes.

If our heart wants the rose, which the eyes see, our hand picks it up. This simple act happened because the heart, eyes and hands belong to one body and work in unison towards a common goal. When people focus on their vision with unflinching trust, the universe is inspired to help achieve what is desired, just as the body helped get what the heart coveted.

When someone feels unified with the universe, possibilities are available beyond the personal limitations of body and mind. A human constraint is trivial for the collective universe. Hence the saying ‘Faith can move mountains.’ A person in this state of mind is immune to any criticism or de-motivation. Any number of impediments and obstacles are unable to deviate such a focussed person. Nothing can scare or deter a person who has mentally and emotionally experienced the magnanimity of the universe. Temporary setbacks mean nothing to the person who has seen and experienced her or his dream in the heart and has lived it in his mind. When you feel and experience your vision/goal, or in other words, when you manifest it, the universe will concretize it into reality.

These great persons have experienced their dreams in their heart as the truth for years with unwavering perseverance. Suppose one has a clear vision with no ambiguity, unrelenting faith in the vision, undying persistence to live through any situation, belief in universal existence and can feel and experience her or his vision as real. In that case, the vision is destined to become a reality.

In this universe, there is no classification or list of possible and impossible achievements. What one feels and believes as possible will be materialized, provided it serves humanity. If not, it remains an impossibility. What these great persons achieved in their lifetime was generally considered impossible during those times, but they made it possible.

Every possibility exists with equal potential in this world, and what you believe in will turn into reality for you, say the wise.