Online Summit Sept. 17, 2020 - How to bring more Consciousness in the Economy?

A Revolution of Consciousness is needed in our Economy, for more Equality, Inclusion and Sustainability. Athena Wisdom Institute AG invited ten thought leaders to share their wisdom and insights on how this can be achieved.

It is inevitable for business leaders to strive for transformation in their businesses and economy, that would achieve the qualities of equality, diversity, inclusion and sustainability in the real sense.

It is time now to build and execute strategies that will add ‘life’ to these principles, and we can soon see them in action. Awareness and compulsive conscious leadership hold a promise to bring about this change. A perfect blend of professionalism, ethical values and traditional wisdom will empower the business leaders to strategize and implement objectives nobler than mere profits.

Athena Wisdom Institute AG has been at the forefront of developing and offering innovative leadership aimed at the objectives of equality, diversity, inclusion and sustainability.

To further the vision and agenda of enhancing perceptual intelligence, intuition, inner power, assertiveness, energy, health & well-being and leadership skills, Athena Wisdom Institute had organised a full-day live online Summit on September 17 2020. Ten renowned speakers from different parts of the world, specialising in their respective fields presented their talks and views, under the general theme of ‘How to Bring More Consciousness in Economy?’

A large number of attendees benefited from the Summit, which reflected in an engaging Q&A interactive session at the end of each talk.

How empathy and compassion for fellow human beings and all living beings can make the world a much better place was explained by Mr Nipun Mehta, who is actively involved in the execution of his belief. Kindness not only betters the outer world but is equally potent to transform your inner self and take it closer to the actual human potential, was his take-home message.

High Buddhist Master Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche very interestingly discussed the ancient wisdom of ‘Tantrayana’ and how it can help the contemporary business leaders perform better.

Sarina Gisa, a psycholinguist by profession, made the participants conversant with the change process and how to handle that.

The underlying basis of long-term transformation lies in the education and Prof. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang and Dr Daniel Staub, individually, presented views and suggestions about the required change in the education system. They also unravelled the process of aligning the educational sector with the broader objectives of society at hand.

The participants had a live workshop with Dr Sundar Balasubramanian, cell biology and yoga biology researcher at the Medical University of South Carolina, on breathing techniques to calm the inner self, kick in good health and expand the cognitive and other functional aspects of the brain.

Moetu Taiha Ransfield, a natural therapist, Reiki master and practising Shaman of her tribe, highlighted the importance of ancient wisdom and its role in the modern world.

Dr. Mitslal Kifleyesus-Matschie, an expert in strategy development and operations, could provide very relevant insights and suggestions to the Business leaders on the conduction of business towards higher objectives and navigate the intricacies of the modern business ecosystem.

The Summit successfully highlighted and provided the participants with inspiration, knowledge and wisdom on how consciousness-based leadership contributes to develop the principles of equity and sustainability in the economy. For a world in which the uniqueness of everyone is acknowledged and respected.