Growth & Resilience - The two are needed in personal and business life

With globalization and tremendous improvement in technology and communications, international trade and business have assumed unprecedented dimensions. The dynamics of business have assumed a global dimension with evolved strategy and execution.

Growth and resilience greatly influence business sustenance. And in the simplest form, business growth is an increased scale of operation and revenue to reach a point where expansions and diversification seem viable (3). Growth is no longer a choice for business.

The business must look out for greener pastures and future revenue models along with managing the existing business. Such a step ensures being at the forefront of the competitive ecosystem.

The character of its human resource essentially defines the organisational character. The organisation’s energy, drive to stand up to the challenges, and yearning for that inevitable growth draw primarily from the human resource. No organisation can ever reach the annals of distinguished performers but for a highly motivated, self-driven, imaginative, innovative, objective and resilient workforce.

The real challenge
It is primarily for the business organisations to groom and nurture their human resource with holistic wellness initiatives for peak physical, mental, intellectual and emotional performance. A balanced and fine-tuned wellness program elevates the potential of human resource to its peak. Premium research and educational institutions like Harvard have based their Wellness program on holistic wellness rather than limiting it to any one aspect of human development (1).

Holistic wellness
The true potential of a human, which is immense, comes to realisation when the body, mind and spirit are aligned, balanced and synchronised (2). In such conditions, humans transcend the limitation of the body to tap into the limitless universal reserve. Consequently, stability, confidence, creativity and innovation blooms to surprising levels.

Physical wellness practically means the ability of a disease-free body to go through the daily routine without any adverse effect. A balanced diet, regular exercises like aerobics, walking, or gym workouts enhance the body’s physical ability.
Emotional wellness signifies the ability of a person to be tolerant of adverse and unexpected situations. Control of one’s emotions and expressing them appropriately is also an indicator of emotional well-being. A deep sense of one’s worth with readiness to accept and adapt to a new idea helps develop reasonable emotional wellness.

While the ability to learn and deploy knowledge in the context of one’s professional work is intellectual wellness. The sustenance and development of cognitive skills to walk through life is the highlight of intellectual wellness.

How one relates with other living entities and the universe in general to co-habitat harmoniously and purposefully is spiritual wellness. Meditation, yoga, mindfulness, connecting with nature helps in rejuvenating the spiritual prowess.

True wellness, or the Holistic Wellness as it is commonly known, is the combination of all these constituent wellnesses. Together they build up the Total Health.


Resilience, in general, is the ability to endure and survive adversities. Human resilience contributes to organisational resilience. Adversity is impartial and strikes almost all of us at some point in life. And the disruptions of life are potent to throw a person off-balance and clueless.

When faced with the choice of sink or survive, always choose to face the challenge. That is how the character of mother nature is, and we should draw our inspiration from it (5). Despite the greatest of earthquakes, landslides, hurricanes and tsunami, the universe is on its course because of resiliency. Resilience is not elusive and is a part of the human character too. We have to put in that bit of conscious effort to rejuvenate it.

Realism, flexibility and optimism help in reviving resilience (6). Learn to accept the reality of the tragedy, look at the options that can help you continue with your life and keep that optimism alive for a brighter future. Professional training can always help you recover your balance and seek one if needed.

A resilient person blooms into a resilient leader who builds a resilient organisation. With a resilient mindset, every challenge will leave a person wiser and more confident.

Recovery- The Natural Way
Humans are blessed to experience holistic wellness naturally, while resilience is a prominent attribute of nature. But the modern lifestyle with changed values and perceptions has buried this natural human gift. Nevertheless, John Naisbitt prophesied, “The biggest breakthroughs of the 21st century will not occur because of technology but because of an expanding concept of what it means to be human”.

Athena Center AG & Athena Wisdom Institute AG have adopted this as their guiding principle and visualises the world as, “A world in which diversity is appreciated for the sake of promoting and sustaining the well-being of all; “A world in which each individual can invest its potential to contribute to a better world”.

Athena has made a pioneering effort to develop and execute management and personality enhancement programs, blending modern management and business knowledge with ancient wisdom to establish a sustainable business process.

Simone Junod, the founder chairperson of Athena Center AG & Athena Wisdom Institute AG, is a senior executive and business coach with extensive corporate experience across industries. With deep roots in traditional wisdom, she is also a respectable practising Shaman. She very deftly has brought the best of both worlds together to nurture and groom future business professional and entrepreneurs.

The current corporate need for growth and resilience demands well-balanced and resilient human resource, which Athena is all set to groom. 

Athena Center AG, despite the challenging times, has embarked on an ambitious project of integrating the existing seminar hotel Leuenberg into Athena Growth & Resilience Institute AG. It aims at training existing and future business professionals in holistic well-being, which is essential to drive Growth and Resilience in business.

Athena Wisdom’s leadership and education programs are based on science and Ancient Wisdom and include Personal Development and Professional Skill-Building.