Daniel Straub, co-founder of intrinsicsource, on radically new ideas for the future of education

Mr. Daniel Straub presented an insightful and enlightening view on bringing impactful transformation into educational and professional domains on occasion of our Online Summit of Sept. 17, 2020.

With MA in psychology and International policy studies from Bern University and co-founding Intrinsicsource, a future independent laboratory for the swiss education sector, Daniel Straub has researched various aspects of learning and its alignment with the challenges of the future.

He introduced the revolutionary and futuristic idea of the Paradigm of intrinsic against the prevalent Paradigm of Industrialization.

Paradigm of Industrialization
The contemporary learning ecosystem focuses on developing learnings and skills in individuals that enable her to earn money. However, intrinsic strengths, abilities, interests and specialties get ruthlessly ignored. The educational system is neither equipped to judge the innate qualities nor any provision to develop it.

Once the person makes some decent amount of money and the essential necessities of life are secured, she can then involve herself in the calling of her soul. Not everyone can be that lucky to do what they want after going through the grind ultimately. For many, the struggle ends with their lives, with absolutely no scope to experience and explore their individuality.

Paradigm of Intrinsic
The learning and working systems should evolve to recognize the individual talents and interests and also accommodate them. A person deserves to have the freedom to choose a livelihood. And whatever she does, it should be sufficient for her survival. Such a decent culture and human approach to learning and working will ensure inner peace and happiness to the masses, which they miss today, despite all the riches they have.

Another dimension explored by Daniel Sraub was the need for the schools to move away from being information providers; instead, these must be enablers of practical learning. This move would help the students engage their cognitive abilities to develop wisdom, to the benefit of the self and community. Immense stress on the exploration of self and environment will help students build inclusion, compassion, and a deep sense of responsibility for the world and environment.

To finally establish a holistic personality development for the students, schools have to strategize to integrate different aspects of human physical, psychological, physiological dimensions. To achieve this, educationists need to bring together the traditional knowledge and wisdom with modern experiential learning pedagogy.

The speaker further emphasized the need to develop and add to the collective consciousness and nurture individuality. Sense of awareness and intuition also deserve a respectable acknowledgment as essential components of personality development.

The lecture ended with a precise direction setting for the schools and organizations to evolve into enablers of conscious, aware, focused, peaceful, happy students, and workforce.