Designing for Flow: from Transaction to Trust, to Transformation

‘To realise oneself and to explore your real potential, it is crucial to establish a union with the universe and all its beings. At the minimum, a sense of brotherhood and genuine love and concern for all beings will help us tap into the endless reserve of universal peace and intelligence.’

In the words of Nipun Mehta, a great visionary, who has embarked on a mission to transform the way people think and work with his online lectures, ‘Trust the flow’ and go with it. But before we learn to trust the flow, we need to sense the flow and accept it. We have the innate capability to feel the flow of the universe and align with it. But years of training to do the contrary, to trust the data and ignore the intuition, has extinguished this divine fire and power in our beings.

Nipun, in very simple words, attempted to reignite this flame of compassion and oneness. Love, intuition, compassion and empathy can co-exist with intelligence and logic. Passion and intuition enhance the reach of intellect and reason.

Transactional relations have to give way to trust, which will bring a considerable transformation in the world. Trust your actions done out of the concern and selfless love to bring a transformation, the proof of which would be someone showing concern for you.

The world has to move from greed and accumulation to generosity and sharing. That is our true nature, and hence we experience a sense of joy being generous. Nipun has experimented with this idea in his ‘Karma Kitchen’, ‘KindSpring’ and a series of such projects to create awareness and convince people to trust and then transform.

To experience such kindness and feel the bliss of generosity is sensing the flow. Embrace it, be one with it and experience the transformation within and without, says Nipun. We tend to attribute a random act of kindness in the world as a flash in the pan. That is not right; it is the emotional expression of the soul which feels and loves everyone. Learn to feel it, be conscious about it and trust it to lead the universe and you to greater happiness and fulfilment.

According to Nipun, everyone is good at something and great at giving something. As giving gets connected, a gift ecology will emerge. And this will melt away the greed and need to accumulate.

This philosophy can help the business leaders to develop a responsible and conscious economy, which will not only generate more profits but will also spread more love and compassion.

It was very satisfying to listen to Nipun at the live Online Summit, organised by Athena Wisdom Institute AG on the 17th of September 2020.