Corona calls for more Wisdom

Corona calls for more Wisdom

If we had thought that with the combined innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Biotech and Nanotech we could come up with answers to nearly every challenge posed, including the ones related to our Health the current situation indicates how mistaken we were. It shows the darker side of globalization.

Nature still surprises us, and today it is shaking us.
It is a wake-up call, for everyone.

It reminds us what is most important to each of us: our Well-Being. The measures put in place by governments to stop the further spreading of Corona virus are also an appeal for personal leadership, mutual respect, solidarity and wisdom.

They appeal to our human values. To what will always differentiate us from robots or personal household assistants, however sophisticated (and useful) they may become. 

Everyone is to reflect on one’s actions and motivations. Are they beneficial or detrimental to myself and to others? Personal and collective wisdom is our compass, today, more than ever.

Simone Junod
Founder and CEO of Athena Wisdom Institute AG