From (Business) Knowledge to Wisdom

Business ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility taught in the Business schools or as practised half-heartedly by many organisations, to suffice the legal requirement or due diligence process, misses out on its purpose. The organisations need to go beyond their individual existence to find themselves as a part of a much larger system. Everything that they do must benefit the whole system. It is crucial to live in harmony with the ecosystem and generate socially responsible profits, along with a moral objective of running a business in addition to revenue generations.
In the race of survival indiscriminate destruction of nature and natural resources, will lead us nowhere. We must tap into the practical wisdom gained by our forefathers, and learn to co-exist with our community, habitat, and the world at large. The article linked below by Hirotaka Takeuchi, Professor in the strategy unit of Harvard Business School and Professor Ikujiro Nonaka at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, not only elaborately discusses the various aspects of responsible management but cites multiple examples and cases to prove the practicality of the different theories and ideologies mentioned. The paper discusses the diverse skills required by business leaders to steer companies towards sustainability and to contribute to the well-being of humankind and the universe. Though it is based on Japanese context and business, progressive business leaders can apply the insights universally.