Autumn Break

Autumn Break

5 ideas for autumn to leave everyday life behind you

By Rahel Frischknecht

In the morning, when you get up, the windows are already steamed up, the dew spreads out on the meadows and the leaves of the trees turn orange-yellow. Summer is gradually replaced by autumn and with it comes coolness. But to retreat into the house now is out of the question. In our hectic everyday life we often forget to take time for ourselves. Our Well-Being is for the accomplishment of the everyday life of enormous importance and should not be forgotten now where the days are getting shorter. Therefore I have good news for everyone: this colourful season offers the perfect opportunity to take a break for yourself.

For all those who still need inspiration or persuasion, I have compiled 5 ideas for the autumn in the following:

Visit a local pumpkin field

Autumn means pumpkin season! Starting in September, you can hardly get past the orange vegetables at every fresh produce counter, but when was the last time you picked a pumpkin yourself? On the pumpkin fields of your region you can experience the variety of colours, sizes and varieties. Best of all, you can not only cook soup, but also delicious main courses or even desserts with it.

A secret tip is the Juckerhof in Seegräben (ZH), which offers an exhibition of pumpkin figures from September to October.




Nothing tastes more like autumn than chestnuts. The sweet chestnut, which is sold at all railway stations in Switzerland, can also be roasted easily at home. If you prefer sweet instead of salty, you can also make vermicelles.Yummy!




It may take you back to your childhood, but my favourite tip at this time of year is to craft. There is nothing more relaxing for your mind than letting your creativity run wild. The beautiful thing about autumn is that nature already provides you with many items. The chestnuts, the pumpkins and the coloured leaves can be used as a base. Take the opportunity and add more charm to your home with seasonal decorations.

If your creativity lets you down, you'll find some inspiration here...



Autumn strolls

What could be more idyllic than a walk through the yellow-orange coloured forest. Spoil your senses with the magnificent sight of nature and the rustling of the leaves. Of course, walks in the twilight are particularly beautiful, whose dimmed glow creates a magical atmosphere.



Boardgame Afternoon

On some autumn days the clouds hang in the trees, the fog envelops the house and sometimes it even rains. In such weather nobody seems to want to go outside. Nevertheless, treat yourself to a break, drum up your family, relatives and friends and organise a game afternoon. There's probably nothing better than laughing over tea, coffee and cake and spending time together.