Ancient Wisdom & Leadership - A Path to Integrity and Sustainability

Since a couple of months we are experiencing an unprecedented situation which has forced business executives to re-think and adapt their leadership approach. Core values such as integrity in every decision, in every act are paramount to ensure well-being and sustainability. Integrity is a key feature of Ancient Wisdom. This is why today we wish to share this article with you.

Integrity is derived from the Latin word, Integritas, it means wholeness, entirety or completeness. Anything which is not whole or is incomplete will not sustain. Integration and wholeness were the focal points of Ancient Wisdom, and all efforts were directed to achieve it. Businesses are incomplete unless they make an effort to align themselves with their environment, stakeholders and try to be integral with the universe. The Ancient Wisdom stresses heavily on the concept of unification and foresees the collapse of individual, isolated entities (business).

The article below, very convincingly, explains the concept of “Whole Blindness”, wherein organisations fail to foresee results of their actions in the broader context of their existences. The problems begin when isolated thinking and execution are seeking profit maximisation only, neglecting the impact on current and future generations. The organisations need to focus on ‘being’. A being-centered leader can lead his business out of the “Whole Blindness” on to ultimate integration with its environment, and thus greatly enhancing the prospects of sustainability.

The writer introduces case studies of various financial organisations to emphasise on the importance of holistic vision and working, to ensure integrity, sustainability and well-being for all, versus only for a few.