Happy Wisdom Hour: Bring More Consciousness to the Business World

Happy Wisdom Hour (Complimentary Trial)

Happy Wisdom Hour: Bring More Consciousness to the Business World

We invite you to join us for our Happy Wisdom Hour!

Slowly, and in phases, the lockdown is being relieved. During this hour we will share and discuss why more consciousness is needed in the business world.


18.00 – 18.05:  
Who is joining? - Introduction round of participants (Name, where are you calling from)
18.05 – 18.15:   
Short mutual brainstorm – We will work with 3 prompts:
  1. Things that annoyed me before the lockdown …
  2. Things that enriched me during the lockdown …
  3. Values that I want to experience more after the lockdown …
18.15 – 18.30:   
Wisdom and Business: How to bring more consciousness to the business world by Simone Junod
18.30 – 18.40:   
Interactive Questions & Answers
18.40 – 18.45:   
Share Your Key Take Aways
18.45 – 18.55:   
More consciousness in the business world and Athena’s OWL Leadership Program
18.55 – 19.00:   
Gratitude and Closing

Join us for a series of online gatherings to use our collective Wisdom to imagine and co-shape your future. We believe this kind of co-creation is a powerful way to better understand our role in the present and enables us to decide what actions we can take today in order to make a desired future come true.

During every Happy Wisdom Hour, we will take you into possible futures through the power of collective imagination and visualization and invite you to co-design a new consciousness-based reality, for ourselves, our families, communities, companies and beyond!

We will use methods and techniques from our OWL Leadership Program. This is an opportunity and invitation to learn more about and experience what our programs are like. Learn more here

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Happy Wisdom Hour

Date: 18.11.2020

Location: Virtual

Time: 18:00-19:00

Price: Free (incl. VAT)

Language: English

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