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Athena Wisdom Institute AG training programs will transform your life and you will transform your teams. Your legacy will impact current and future generations, contribute to closing the gender gap and to a world where everyone shares the same opportunities and treatments.

We are pleased to offer you the possibility to become a member of the Athena Wisdom Institute AG community and to benefit from reduced conditions as follows:

Membership model Bacic 1 year Premium 1 year Premium 2 years Premium 3 years
Third Party Workshops 10% 10% 10% 15%
Athena Training Programs   5% 10% 15%
Well-Being   10% 10% 15%
Events 10% 10% 10% 15%
Membership Price CHF  145.00 340.00 490.00 610.00

Become a member in 2019 and benefit from this offer:

Membership Price CHF 100.00 220.00 350.00 460.00

Terms and conditions

A membership is personal and not transferrable. You will obtain a member ID which you will indicate in the appropriate field of the event registration form.