Online Summit 2021

How to expand Consciousness to the Economy and Business sector?

Live online Summit on October 6th, 2021

Shape the future of current and coming generations. For a world where equality, inclusion and sustainability are more than just words. Listen, experience and share with speakers of various backgrounds and traditions.

We invite the conscious leaders of today and tomorrow who are ready to drive the transformation of our businesses and our economy to our live online summit. Whether you work in your company at the top management level or you are just an underdog interested in the topic of conscious leadership development, if you feel in your heart the will and the need to care for yourself, for the people around you, for our societies or for our world, but don't know how and where to start - then this summit is for you. This summit program is a response to the current crisis in which we as a society have separated consciousness from the way we do business and have forgotten old ways of looking after our physical, mental and social health.

We, at Athena, want to inspire and empower business women and men to become authentic and inspiring change agents and leaders who, through their actions and decisions, bring the change that is necessary to achieve that the values of equality, diversity, inclusion, and sustainability are truly and fully lived in companies.

Why should you join?

In our unique Athena approach, we combine wisdom from business, science, and ancient traditions to explore the issues of leadership and well-being. Join our live online summit to:

  • get a taste for this unique approach
  • learn more about what the future might bring
  • learn on how we can respond today by focusing on our well-being and resilience
  • discuss new forms of leadership suitable for the next century
  • explore your own potential
  • share your ideas with like-minded people
  • learn about the science of well-being and learning
  • explore traditional wisdom techniques to expand your awareness
  • experience fun exercises where you can learn by doing


The new program 2021 isn't available yet, more on last year's 2020 program here.


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Online Summit

Date: 06.10.2021

Location: Online

Time: 14:00-19:00

Price: Free (incl. VAT)

Language: English

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