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Simone Junod

Simone Junod is founder and CEO of Athena Center - Women Wisdom (in foundation). Her experience in leadership positions and working in a global, multicultural environment have led Simone Junod to believe that a globally networked society in a digital economy needs a new understanding of fundamental values. This requires a high level of social competence, insights and an inner orientation. Female intuition and wisdom should be encouraged in order to give impulses for the further development of society and to contribute to a harmonious coexistence in all areas of life. A look at history shows that women in the social and family environment have a natural role model role in the task of building binding social and responsible networks and shaping them in a value-oriented manner through their experiences as mothers and family managers.

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Leadership, Communication, HR, Innovation, Leadership for teams, Personality Development
Simone Junod


As Business Economist HWV, Simone Junod held various executive positions, including Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Member of the Executive Board and Senior Executive in Swiss units of international groups (IT, watch industry, sports, engineering & manufacturing) and as International Financial Controller in the IT and machine industry. In addition to her business studies, she trained as a Systemic Management & Business Coach at the Coachakademie Schweiz (CAS/ECA), St. Gallen, and completed numerous further training courses in Strategic Finance, Leadership, Personality Development, Communication and Mindfulness & Energy Work.