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Moetu Taiha Ransfield

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Moetu Taiha
New Zealand
Personality Development
Moetu Taiha Ransfield


  • Natural Therapist
  • Reikis Master / Teacher
  • Spiritual Counselor


  • Trainer for holistic Maori health and social services organisations with focus on indigenous family and tribal work
  • Shaman of her tribe of Tuhoe in New Zeeland


Grandmother Moetu is an inspiring and gifted teacher.  She provides guidance and healing in her Transformational Workshops.  Each workshop helps you go deeper into inner exploration and empowerment from within.  Moetu's focus of working around MANA-WA-ORA which means Heart Power = Light Dimension = Holistic Radiance, is a life-changing experience.  To anyone wanting a deeper level of exploration, I highly recommend taking a workshop with Grandmother Moetu.
Heather all Dudney (USA)

I found Grandmother Moetu’s holistic approach in her Transformational Workshops to be the elixir my soul was seeking.  We often talk about body, mind and spirit as being inter-related but Moetu’s work reminds us that our work, creative, financial and environmental health is also intertwined with our well-being.  What is reflected outward, is in fact, also reflected inward.  Grandmother empowers and encourages us to be conscious co-creators in this healing journey.  I would recommend this work to anyone who is ready to embrace their lives more fully.
Kim Langbecker

I met Moetu in 2014. Moetu learned me a lot. She learned me: ‘not be the victim’ of the trauma’s I went through in my life. Take ownership of the trauma's. See the power within the trauma and how to use this power. Take charge of my life. The importance to stay present, stay in my body. She told me about the seasons. This gave me a higher understanding of the power of nature, the seasons and the deeper relation the have on my life. To integrate those powers in my daily life and in my work. Moetu showed me a higher state of awareness.
Marina Schutt (NL)