Meet the Team

Our team

Our global team includes the operating team and the trainers. 

The latter originate from different countries, cultures and traditions. The majority of them had held or are still holding leadership positions across industries and are trained coaches or business consultants. You will find a profile of each of them in the section trainers. 

Operating team


Founder & CEO

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Athena Wisdom Institute AG is the materialization of founder Simone Junod’s vision. She shares the conviction expressed by McKinsey Global Institute: “We believe that the world, including the private sector, would benefit by focusing on the large economic opportunity of improving parity between men and women”. She spent most of her professional career as unique woman in leadership teams, across industries. And now has come the time to implement this vision.


Program Development & Promotion

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Many changes are urgently needed in our society - for a long time, I didn't know myself where to start. My heart beats for our world, our children, our companies, our society, our future. But we live half-awake through our days, doing what we are paid for - dissatisfaction, lack of appreciation, senselessness fills us. Is there no other way? What am I herefor? Is that really all?

We carry on, spinning the hamster wheel. Is there no way out? Most of the time it is not so bad after all, we distract ourselves, travel, eat, dance - it feels better. Work-Life Balance. But is that necessary? What if our work fulfilled us in such a way that we didn't have to recover from it?

What if? What if we could dream our world into being? What if I could decide how the world would look like? What if I could make our world, the one I want to wake up in every morning?

I work for Athena Wisdom Institute AG because I want to create the world I want to live in, by working on the core of our society - at Athena Wisdom Institute AG, with our unconventional programs we want to teach the leaders of today and tomorrow so that the values of sustainability and equality are truly lived in companies and not just mere words on a website.


Marketing and Online Shop Development

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When I first learned about Athena Wisdom Institute, I was astonished how its values and mission completely aligned with mine. I’ve always been so focused on developing myself as a professional, I made decisions solely based on how it would help me look better on my resume. But after being in lockdown for a year, and having had a lot of time to think, I realized that I had overlooked my spiritual growth and I was left confused about who I was without the job title I associated myself with. And that was the reason why no matter what I accomplished in my career, I still felt empty & aimless.

I joined Athena in order to learn how to reach my full potential, physically, emotionally & spiritually, without sacrificing my professional development. I want to deepen my understanding about who I am and at the same time contribute in my own ways to create a more sustainable future for everyone. And I believe I’m in the right place.


Business Operations


With more than 22 years of working in diverse industries and in the corporate world, my inner calling led me to a new direction in life to do something more useful with a vision and purpose. Since 2012 I have dedicated myself to help build a healthy and balanced sustainable society where both feminine and masculine energies work together, in order to make this world a better place to live in.

Now I concentrate most of my professional and personal experience and time in exploring the best of the two worlds, the ancient wisdom and science of life, together with modern science and technology to contribute to sustainable business development and opportunities, gender equality, social justice, women’s education, empowerment and upliftment, children education and welfare and more green sustainable lifestyle choices.

Simon Junod with whom I worked previously in the corporate world offered me the opportunity to join the team to help reenforce Athena Wisdom Institute AG vision, which is in line in what I believe and want to do. This gives me the right channel to source out my energy, creativity and productivity in supporting sustainable business operations and development, to promote the benefit of the ancient wisdom of natural science in wellbeing and healthcare and to help bring consciousness and understanding in people to sustainably co-exist with nature side by side and to leave a positive impact for the generation to come. Few words that flow out of my thoughts are:

“Developing a good progressive and healthy sustainable society and economy will help secure a profitable future for all of humanity. Time is now for change and to move on” ...AliZS


Children Program Development & Promotion


Like many of us, I am concerned about the unprecedented challenges we have to face as humanity and the numerous crisis we are going through. There are still too many destructive patterns in the world, such as mutual hostility, domination, judgment, violence, etc. Poor interpersonal skills, the lack of emotional intelligence and – most of all – the absence of self-knowledge and critical reasoning still lead too often to conflict, mistrust, narrow mindedness or, at best, to comfortable but unfulfilling lives. We are designed for so much more…

I would like us, individually and collectively, to develop a broader, self-understanding, ethical thinking and wise decision making. I think we must recover a deep sense of well-being, foster clarity and recognize our inseparable, interconnected nature. Engaging the path of personal growth, professional development and thoughtful leadership is a key element for life protecting behavior and actions.

I joined Athena Wisdom Institute AG to support people and companies eager to widen their self-understanding and to tap into their full potential. Furthermore, Athena is itself engaged in implementing services, products and business based on a sustainable and co-creating mindset. I am happy to be given the opportunity to contribute fully to these aims and together to build a healthier world.


Business Development Africa - African voice for Women - Women Empowerment and Gender Equality

The voice of women in the African society setup has for long been silenced. Many attempts to make these women's pleas heard and attended to have always fallen on deaf ears. I have had first-hand experience in the share of these challenges, and I feel it is time someone spoke louder, gallantly, and more articulately on this subject.

When women are sidelined in leadership positions, or forced to comply with unhealthy traditions, or even young girls forced out of school to pave the way for the boy child, I feel we are far behind in achieving our dreams as women.

But how would things be if someone offered a ray of hope in this dimming light of women empowerment? Would there be a revival of energy and enthusiasm in this quest to bring equality? I firmly believe there is hope. I have realized how much potential there is, hidden in independent organizations, like Athena Wisdom Institute AG, that support women's growth and empowerment.

I know Athena Wisdom Institute AG will give me the channel and platform to identify and bridge the gaps in women's growth and development. I work with Athena, knowing that we will one day raise a standard for the African woman. If I achieve that through Athena, I have achieved what's noble for this life.