Our diverse team

Our global team includes the operating team and the trainers. 

The latter originate from different countries, cultures and traditions. The majority of them had held or are still holding leadership positions across industries and are trained coaches or business consultants. You will find a profile of each of them in the section trainers. 

Operating team

Rahel Frischknecht

Bachelor of Arts Candidate, BA International Relations and Affairs


LinkedIn profile

Talkative, inquisitive, intuitive, emotional and a challenge lover, that’s me, Rahel Frischknecht. I’m part of Athena Wisdom Institute AG because my diverse attributes are acknowledged and appreciated by its team. Diversity, that’s exactly what Athena Wisdom Institute AG stands for and a vision I carry in my heart. Together with our team of global trainers I’m eager to expand and deepen my knowledge regarding personality development and leadership. My wish is to inspire and empower others to have the courage to be themselves.

Selma Wobben

Co-Founder & CMO MM

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During my career I had the opportunity to work with many different people, from various backgrounds and cultures.
I have been always fascinated that we all learn in different ways.
But we all have in common, that we want to be sure we get something tangible out of things we learn.
Whether it concerns, knowledge, skills or our personality development.
Therefore, to me, it is important to make results of our education and training measurable to our customers.
I think, that will always be the marketer in me.

Simone Junod

Founder & CEO

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Athena Wisdom Institute AG is the materialization of founder Simone Junod’s vision. She shares the conviction expressed by McKinsey Global Institute: “We believe that the world, including the private sector, would benefit by focusing on the large economic opportunity of improving parity between men and women”. She spent most of her professional career as unique woman in leadership teams, across industries. And now has come the time to implement this vision.