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Purpose of Athena Wisdom Institute AG

Athena Wisdom Institute AG is a training and well-being institution. With its science-based and uniquely designed education approach it aims at tackling inequality at the roots

Centuries of unconscious biases and inequitable treatments towards women have imprinted deep scars in the minds and cells of everyone’s body. Epigenetics has demonstrated that traumata from previous generations affect future ones. Thus eradicating inequality at the roots implies liberating ourselves from these imprints. 

A sound mind in a sound body the Greek proverb says. Well-Being forms an integral part of Athena Wisdom Institute AG’s offering and includes health preservation, prevention and promotion. Finally scientific research has demonstrated the beneficial effect of nature on health and performance, thus the natural environment where the workshops take place plays an important role.

Athena Wisdom Institute AG's Leadership Programs

Athena Wisdom Institute AG’s Leadership Training Programs combine both deeply transformative personality development workshops with the enhancement of professional skills. The programs evolve along the path: Awareness, Transformation, Manifestation & Materialization. Athena Wisdom Institute AG also facilitates education offerings from third parties whose work share the same purpose.

The benefits for the individuals on personal level are: increase of emotional and physical resilience, accrued assertiveness & intuition as well as mastery of critical leadership skills for a successful career in times of constant and exponential change. For corporations research has shown that the more diverse teams are, the better the financial results.


The biggest impact will be achieved by a joint effort of men and women. For timing reasons we begin with an offer for women. In a second phase starting from second half of 2020 we will have offerings on the market for men and mixed groups as well.

Thought leader for new forms of education

Athena Wisdom Institute AG also aims at becoming a thought leader and incubator for new forms of education.