Happy Wisdom Hour with Sarina Gisa

Sarina is a professional trainer, coach and facilitator. She has a degree as a Psycholinguist M, is a board member of the non-profit sustainability association wirundjetzt e.V. in the Lake Constance region and is co-founder of the koment GbR, a coaching and consulting-company. She supports people, especially executives and CEOs from small and medium sized enterprises as well as large businesses, in their personal development to achieve more humanity as well as a good co-existence and co-creation in companies.


18.00 – 18.05:  
Who is joining? - Introduction round of participants (Name, where are you calling from)
18.05 – 18.10:   
Introduction of Guest Speaker 
18.10 – 18.35:   
The power of gratitude
18.35 – 18.40:   
Interactive Questions & Answers
18.40 – 18.45:   
Share Your Key Take Aways
18.45 – 18.55:   
Athena’s OWL Leadership Program
18.55 – 19.00:   
Gratitude and closing

Join us for a series of online gatherings to use our collective Wisdom to imagine and co-shape your future. We believe this kind of co-creation is a powerful way to better understand our role in the present and enables us to decide what actions we can take today in order to make a desired future come true.

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The power of Gratitude in a business setting. How to be balanced at work and lead others with purpose and meaning.

Datum: 02.12.2020

Ort: Webinar

Uhrzeit: 18:00-19:00

Preis: Free (Inkl. MwSt.)

Sprache: English

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