Manual for Investors

Our capital increase process is facilitated by daura, the Swiss digital equity platform for Swiss SME. It is operated by Swisscom and Swiss Post and based on a legal framework by MME, a leading Swiss law firm:

  1. Register as investor on daura.ch (click on “register as investor” in the right upper corner of the website). A copy of your passport or identity card (both sides) is required in the registration process. This ensures compliance with Swiss shareholder law.
  2. Your registration will be reviewed by daura within 72 business hours and you will receive a confirmation e-mail including a link and digital Token to set a new password (click on the link and copy paste the Token from the e-mail)
  3. Log-in to daura by using your newly set password. You will see Athena Wisdom Institute on the dashboard – click on “Invest” and enter the amount of shares you would like to subscribe. Your subscription will be reviewed by Athena and you will receive a confirmation by e-mail
  4. After you received the confirmation, you can then log-in again and under “My subscription requests” digitally sign the subscription form: Enter the IBAN from which you will send your capital payment (this allows Athena to identify your payment), download and save the subscription form to your computer, click “request confirmation code” which is then sent to you by SMS, enter the code and press confirm
  5. Transfer payment from the IBAN account you provided to the IBAN stated on the subscription form
  6. If you want to make additional subscriptions, you can do this any time. After the subscription period and after the registration of the capital increase in the Swiss company register, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail
  7. As digital proof of your investment, you can create and locally store a digital token representing your shares in Athena – please see the attached manual, pp. 35ff. where you can also see all above steps in more detail.


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